Qualify Your SEO Budget!

Writing a Check

While spending a lot for your online business to get superior visibility in the search engine results page might seem unnecessary, there is actually a huge benefit to it. Business is, after all, about taking risks, and that is what you need to do to earn profit. Running search engine … Read the Rest

Yahoo Local Search Suggestions


Just this September, Yahoo released a new search suggestion assistance feature that allows logged in users to get location oriented suggestions. This takes user location into consideration when recommending search queries, which in turn makes searching efforts easier, faster and more relevant with just a few keystrokes. This is not … Read the Rest

Better SEO


Although it will take awhile before your online business becomes the most sought after site on the Web, doing SEO is quite easy because of its basic principle, which is to promote website visibility in the SERPs. Yet it is also easy to screw things up and blow thousands of … Read the Rest

Google on HTML5: Crawling and SEO


HTML5 is the latest Hypertext Markup Language form that has become quite popular in such a short time. Modern browsers are now beginning to support HTML5 rendering without having any problems. A rival of the Adobe Flash, it is commonly used in smart phone browsers (like the iPhone) and particular … Read the Rest

Google TV Debuts

Stylish retro TV

What do you get when you combine television viewing with Internet? Google TV. The latest in television technology, Google TV is co-developed by Logitech, Sony, Intel, and Google. It lets you watch TV programs on the Internet via a Blu Ray player or HDTV. Launched last October 17th, Google TV … Read the Rest

Google Updates Webmaster Tools

Web Tools

Google Webmaster Tools has recently introduced a couple of new features that provide webmasters with more details and more control over how their website shows up in search results. Read on for more information on these new changes. Search Queries Google believes that your website shouldn’t stand still. Thus, they … Read the Rest

New Version: Google’s Ad Preview Tool

google ads

When you’re in the search advertising industry, you may want to reach customers operating outside your physical location. This may mean reaching another city, state or even country. Though there are many marketing strategies that can help you reach customers in those places, the problem is that you may not … Read the Rest

Engaging Mobile Shoppers

mobile shopping

Advancements in technology have enabled people to shop from the comfort of their homes. Thanks to the popularity of the iPhone, Android, and other smartphones, people can now shop even while bored at work, on the train or commuting home. Mobile phone shopping is rising in popularity. If you want … Read the Rest

Improve Local Listings with Google’s New Place Search

place search

In an effort to refine further local search, Google has made some aggressive changes. The person responsible for these changes may be Marissa Mayer, one of the original 20 employees of Google who has just been appointed leader of the location services unit. Read on for more information on these … Read the Rest

Boost Ads through Google Places


Small businesses have been given a boost in SERPs as Google recently launched a promising ad program for local search. Google Boost is a location-based ad service that allows you to build a local search advertisement that will appear on the sponsored links section of the search results page. In … Read the Rest