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Google Acquires Invite Media


Google has been a primary player in the technology industry for many years now. It has penetrated the search engine, gadget, and the advertising industries. Today, Google has again tightened its stranglehold of the technology market to keep at par with all the things that their competitors are doing.

Google has recently acquired Invite Media, an advertising technology company. According to a report by AllThingsD, the deal is known to be worth approximately $70 million dollars. The report further adds that Google intends to keep Invite Media as a separate unit from its usual business processes.

Invite Media has described itself as the “universal buying platform for display media.” It provides advertising opportunities to its customers. It does this by helping their customers purchase advertising space from multiple ad exchanges, all in real-time using a single interface.

Google’s decision to keep Invite Media as a separate entity comes as no surprise to many experts in the field. Peter Kafka from AllThingsD, for example, said that customers of Invite Media acquire the company’s services so they could buy ads from multiple exchanges, which include Google’s AdX.Google then plans to combine Invite Media with its other ad-generating company, DoubleClick for Advertisers. This combination is perfect for customers who want to use ad-serving and ad-buying services at the same time.

While it is quite similar to Google’s newly acquired AdMob (which acquired AdWhirl, an advertisement-developing company that focuses on iPhone applications), the DoubleClick for Advertisers-Invite Media fusion will be able to handle ad-buys, something that AdWhirl cannot do.

Google’s acquisition of Invite Media is directly involved in the company’s plan to expand to other ad exchanges. The non-restriction rules of Invite Media provide its customers with numerous choices with regards to their ad-buying strategies. The entry of Google in the ad exchange market provides another strategy that is sure to boost the company in many years to come.