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New Facebook Insights Dashboard Provides Improved Data Analyses

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Social Networking had seen itself evolve through the years. Websites like Facebook have become platforms for many individuals, organizations, and companies in pushing forward with their goals or advocacies. Many businesses have used Facebook as a more convenient advertising tool to reach out and entice their customers. To improve the business of its customers, Facebook realized that they need some statistics to be able to gauge their company’s performance.

With this in mind, Facebook has moved into a new direction. The popular social networking website just released a new set of Insights dashboard aimed at providing its users a more extensive statistics to measure their performance in the social networking site. The new dashboard provides Facebook users with better ways to analyze users and trends.

The new Insights dashboard shows analyses of posts, reposts, and other “liked” files from Facebook users. These provide users with a better insight on their covered market that can be used to further make improvements on their strategies. This new Facebook analytic tool produces better data, charts, tables, and graphs that make user activities easier to understand for developers and business owners alike. Making it even more convenient for users, the various outputs from the Insights dashboard can be saved and used for further reference.

The information from the dashboard is so detailed that it helps users in analyzing their visitors from specific regions, age group, country, cities or even language spoken. This very comprehensive data analysis is one of the most striking features that the new Insights dashboard has to offer. Apps and online game developers can also use these data and information in developing their new apps to be shared to the broader public.

The insight that will be provided by this new dashboard will surely boost up Facebook’s game in the social networking market. It provides Facebook users with new ways to further improve their performance in terms of traffic and ultimately, revenue.

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