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LinkedIn Revamps its Social Interaction Features


Social networking today has revolutionized the way we communicate with our loved ones and friends no matter where they are. LinkedIn, one of the most recognized social networking websites in the world, has come up with new features in an effort to keep up with the changes the burgeoning industry is experiencing.

For the next weeks, LinkedIn’s Groups feature will be witnessing a revamp that its developers hope will make this feature more exciting and interactive for the website. It will also make conversing and following your friends’ accounts a lot more fun and easier. A strong focus has been placed by the website on its group conversation features, all of which are readily apparent once you visit the LinkedIn website.

Starting a conversation in your LinkedIn accounts before usually happens by clicking on either the “Start a Discussion” or “Submit News” buttons. These two features have been combined into one as LinkedIn developers looked to make it easier for their users to start a conversation with their friends.

Following your friends on your LinkedIn accounts has also been made easier. Like other popular social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn expanded their follow system by enabling you to follow individuals even though you are on his friend’s list. You can see and follow the discussions they are participating in and be able to know updates in their accounts. This is perfect especially if you are following a certain issue or topic that is trending today. By clicking on the “follow discussion” button, you can now get news feeds and updates delivered straight to your inboxes even if you are not in direct connection with the people in the conversation.

Aside from this, LinkedIn also enables its users to go to certain conversations and actually “Like” them. They can also “pass” and “Comment” on these certain discussions. By doing this, the users are given certain statistics like the “Top Influencers” within a certain discussion. You can now search the LinkedIn network for the best conversations regarding a certain topic and know who the best contributors or within a certain group discussion. These are the people whose comments do a great job in stimulating the conversation and pushing the discussion further.

This revamp was aimed at making the conversations done in LinkedIn more interactive and to get it as close to “face-to-face” interaction as possible. They want to make their users feel like their having a conversation in a conference room or in a coffee shop. They are trying to do this by engaging their users more on the conversation and make them feel a part of the whole discussion.

This hopes to bring LinkedIn to the level which Facebook and Twitter currently have, in terms of their conversations and the engagement that their users experience. It may, however, take a few more weeks or even months to see the changes, that will come out of this overhaul.