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Microsoft Introduces the World to InstaLoad


Just recently, Microsoft announced another breakthrough invention intended to further help us do our basic chores everyday. Microsoft has released the InstaLoad.

There have been a lot of significant inventions and gadgets over the last decade. These things have made our lives so much more convenient than it used to. From computers to hybrid cars; from the smallest technologies to larger than life ones; the advancement of technology has kept us moving forward with the way we live our everyday lives and do our routine activities.

Remember gadgets which come with special remote controls? Remember how you used to search for AA or AAA batteries and then struggle to install them into these remotes? You find it such a hassle to look for the positive and negative sides of the outlet when putting these batteries on. Microsoft introduces a technology so simple but definitely a first of its kind. The InstaLoad, in its most basic sense, eliminates the hassle of looking for the positive and negative sides of battery outlets.

InstaLoad is a new technology made by Microsoft that energizes battery-powered devices no matter how and what side you put our batteries on. No need to exactly put the sides on the negative or the positive. Just put the batteries in and the InstaLoad device will run.

This technology is so simple that it is almost laughable why this is just being introduced now. Developers of the InstaLoad explain that the secret of this new technology lies in its “mechanical battery contact design.” Instead of the usual metal sides that we see in battery outlets which usually have a positive and negative side, InstaLoad offers users a positive and negative side no matter how they put their batteries in the device.

Instaload works with any kind of barrel-type batteries. Whether you use AA, AAA, C or D, the InstaLoad-using device will function perfectly no matter what. Since the invention is relatively new, it is exciting to see how many device and gadget manufacturers will adopt this technology.

The number of companies that will embrace this technology is relevant to the InstaLoad’s over-all success. Manufacturers for gadgets used by those with disabilities like hearing aids, vision aid or other learning devices for the disabled will get a royalty-free license if they choose to install InstaLoad on their devices. Microsoft actually encourages manufacturers to start sending them their product prototypes as early as now.