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Catch the Best Shopping Deals on Twitter’s Earlybird Account

early bird

Twitter has added another revenue generating source at its disposal with the launch of Earlybird. @Earlybird is Twitter’s latest account that aims to tweet out special promotions and unique deals from different brands and companies. It targets all registered Twitter users with various time-bound offers, product previews, and special events that are exclusive to the community and the account. The @Earlybird account brings promise as a way for users to stay updated with the latest promotions they will surely like and make out the best of these offers.

Twitter fans can follow (or unfollow) @Earlybird like any normal account to receive advertisements that will appear in their follow feed for a limited time. These ads come from Twitter’s selected partners who create the most exciting deals to showcase to a social-media savvy audience. These advertising partners pay Twitter to disseminate information regarding their special offers to the followers of the account. They also decide on the terms and conditions of their promos, including the products, time frame, volume, and pricing. On the other hand, Twitter provides the perfect venue to expose these partner companies to more potential customers, while making the social media site a lucrative platform to earn money out of these partnerships.

It is an opt-in advertising service that does not automatically appear on the front page, making it less disruptive to the whole Twitter experience. @Earlybird feeds can also be passed to other people and appear as ordinary Retweets.

Twitter’s partnership with a wide range of big name organizations will bring high value to social media advertising. Twitter has been already successful with their previous advertising strategies, namely Promoted Trends and Promoted Tweets, which bring the most relevant ads to users. However, unlike the previous business models, @Earlybird centers on the “I saw it first” experience, giving loyal followers the “first dibs” on special limited-time offers. It pulls in a lot of people to start their day with the best deals out there.

At this point, @Earlybird already has more than 20,000 followers, and still counting. Currently, @Earlybird offers from large, international brands are limited to the United States. But sooner or later, as the following grows, this will expand to other locales around the world with location-based deals. There is a huge potential with Twitter’s latest advertising strategy, making the company even more competitive in the social media industry.