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Twitter Continues to Innovate


Social networking has permeated almost every aspect of today’s world. Too many people are logging into their individual accounts to connect to the rest of the world. Twitter has been one of the prime movers of the social media movement. Along with Facebook, Twitter has millions of users who use their services each and every day.

Constant Improvements

The website has evolved into a service where people can go to and get the latest news and updates from all over the world. It has also become a platform where people can report and post their thoughts and ideas for their followers and friends to hear.

Twitter engineers have consistently sought new ways to further innovate and improve their service. They have added databases, hired more talent and opened up to new media tools in order to expand the reach of their market. Whereas before, users are limited to posting a 140-character message, Twitter has now added photos to their services. There have been tests conducted by the company to see if other media tools can be now offered by the website.

“Tweet Media”

“Tweet Media” is a new setting that the company has added lately to some test users. The setting strongly suggests the company’s inclination to adding other media like photos and videos into their live streams. The setting asks users to choose whether or not they want their streams to show photos or videos from everyone.

Though no final word has been said by the company’s engineers, this setting could be a major breakthrough in the Twitter Universe as it greatly expands the capabilities of the service. Technically, users can only see posts made by the people they are following on Twitter. The new setting enables them to view posts from everyone on Twitter.

As of the moment, the setting has been removed from the Twitter streams. Twitter engineers have released a statement saying that the company continues to explore new media and settings to add to their service. They also said that the “Tweet Media” setting they tested was a small experiment with regards to the potential of putting media into their services.

Recording Your Tweets

Twitter has evolved greatly since it first started out a few years back. Many people are now seeing actual benefits of Twitter usage. That is why as their customer base continues to grow, the Twitter service continues to improve. One of the more noticeable improvements on Twitter is the audio tweet.

Not only can people express their thoughts through 140-word characters, now they can also record it! Twitter enables audio tweet through various external apps their users can use and post in their live streams. Here are five of the commonly used Twitter audio apps:

1. AudioBoo

You can sing, shout, laugh, quote, etc using the AudioBoo service. Recording a message for your loved ones has never been easier. All you need to do is sign-up for the service, familiarize yourself with the recording process and then start recording.

With AudioBoo, you can also upload a common file from your PC. The service is also available on Facebook where you get an embed code for your message to be able to post it. AudioBoo also comes up with unique URLs for your recorded messages so you can post them on your Twitter live stream. The service though does not let you see or count how many people have hit play and listened to your message.

2. Chir.ps

A very simplistic way which can add to the thoughtfulness of your Tweets is the Chir.ps service. Signing up and using the service is very easy. Your friends and followers now can be able to hear your voice or any audio file you post in your Twitter accounts.

You can post a quote or thought you recorded and then let your friends hear it via a URL that the service provides. The audio quality of the service is something that can still be improved but it does make up for it by having a listen counter which you can use to check how many people have already heard your message.

3. Twaud.io

Like the two other services above, Twaud.io is very easy to use. What separates this app from everybody else is the fact that it lets you record something for as long as thirty minutes! You can also add a message of up to 100-characters to your audio recording.

It has its own URL and other things like a listen counter. Your friends can also comment on your message, embed them on their own pages or even download them to their desktops. The sound quality of Twaud.io is just as excellent as any other services out there.

4. Chirbit

Not necessarily a Twitter service app, Chirbit can also be used for other social networking websites or blogs. Signing-up for the service tough is just as easy. With this service, you can record a message and then give it a title before posting it on Twitter. You also give your message its category which you can pick at the service’s homepage.

5. Shoutomatic

Aside from letting you record your own messages via their service, Shoutomatic also lets its users pay for “celebrities” to record their messages for them. Signing-up for the service is very easy and you can even connect with them through Facebook (aside from Twitter).

The messages you record can be reviewed multiple times until you are satisfied. The clip is then saved at the service’s homepage where users can play, embed, or even download their recorded files. The service also gives users the option to send their messages via email.

6. Pockets

Exclusive for US residents, Pockets lets you record a message or voicemail and then send it to an individual Twitter user. The recipients can then click through the given URL and listen to your sent message at the Pockets website.

Twitter does not only connect people with their friends, the service enables them to get updated on what is happening in their surroundings. The company also continues to trump the competition in its industry. With all these major improvements, who knows how broad Twitter’s influence will reach.