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Nielsen Stats Reveal Rising Social Networking Trend


Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Flickr are just some of the most popular sites that most of us log into everyday. More and more people nowadays set up multiple accounts in these different social networking sites for various reasons.

Most people set up accounts in order to connect with friends or reconnect with old ones. The communication landscape of today has undergone major changes that the Internet has become the easiest way for all of us to keep our relationships with majority of our friends.

Admittedly, we cannot spend time together with friends and family every single day. Some of us are constrained by work or by logistics. In this light, the Internet has become a blessing in disguise for many of us. So it is very understandable that the recent Nielsen reports conclude that the majority of the time we spent browsing the Internet is through these social networking websites.

According to these new statistics, 22.7% percent of our Internet time is spent either updating our status on Facebook or Twitter. While there are other reasons why people log into their social networking accounts more (like getting news updates, shopping or even advertising), the Nielsen report suggest that social networking is bit by bit displacing all other form of communications we do in the Web.

Placing a far second is online gaming with 10.2%. Third is e-mailing at 8.3%. The report also reveals a 43% percentage increase of social networking from 2009. Only social networking and online gaming experienced increases during the past year as all the others showed declining rates. Even instant messaging decreased by approximately 15% compared to its average a year ago.

Here are the top ten activities we do on the Internet and their corresponding percentages: Social Networking (22.7%), Online Gaming (10.2%), E-mailing (8.3%), Portals (4.4%), Instant Messaging (4%), Movies and Video Streaming (3.9%), Searches (3.5%), Software (3.3%), Various Entertainment (2.8%), Advertisements/Classifieds (2.7%) and everything else (34.3%).

While this may not be really that surprising, it is important to note the trend happening into the Internet. Expect to see more drastic changes in user behavior in the years to come.