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Google AdWords Reveals New Settings


Google has tweaked some of its popular services, most notably their Google Maps and AdWords.

For the AdWords Campaign service, here are some of the changes the company has applied over the past few weeks:

- Targeting Networks for your Ads

This setting enables users to target their ads specifically to Google or to the Display Network (which was previously known as the Content Network). Targeting your ads to Google will make them appear in the Google Network while having them in the Display Network will place your ads on some of Google’s content.

To take advantage of this setting, analysts suggest that you put your ads in the Display Network since this makes them more visible to your customers. If you have the time to manage both, then two networks will always be better than one. Having your ads displayed in both networks will give you a chance to control and have a more organized campaign for your ads.

- Location Targeting for Area Specific Businesses

This addition to the AdWords Campaign Settings tab is specifically targeted for US-based businesses that play in the local markets. With this setting, businesses have the option to show their ads only in the US or even in specific areas within the country. Some businesses target customers from the East or West Coast and this setting will enable them to advertise only to the users from those specific areas.

Businesses that operate nationally can still take advantage of this by studying the data Google will provide and by looking at the states and areas where they are hit the most. They can save a lot of money by applying location targeting for their ads.

- Location Exclusions

If you can get your campaigns advertised in specific areas of the country, you can also do the opposite, which is to exclude some areas from seeing your ads. Location Exclusions in the settings tab will enable you to hide your ads from competitors in certain areas of the country, especially if you are working in a tightly contested market.

- Setting for Mobile Phones

This new setting allows your ads to be visible and searched even from mobile device users of Google. Ads usually do not show up in mobile Internet browsers, but with this new setting, you can now set up a whole new plan targeting mobile phone Internet users. In addition, this will translate to a higher cost per click for customers, but the proposition is interesting enough for Google to experiment on.

- Extension to your Ads

Google now allows you to cram more information into your ads so it will be more cost efficient for their customers. Advertisers can now add their company address, product images, contact numbers and even links to specific pages on their website’s ad campaigns. The contact numbers can be used for the click-to-call service for mobile users.

- Bidding

The Google Conversion Optimizer is a service that Google came up with to help you in bidding for clicks based on your conversion rates and for targeting particular cost-per-acquisitions. Some web developers, though, may find this one particularly disadvantageous since it drives their costs up instead of down.

These adjustments were made so users can have an easier time managing their accounts for these services. These changes also enhance customer experience and will encourage customers to avail of other services offered by Google.