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Yahoo!’s new Real-Time Search Feature

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As a web developer, it is your job primarily to identify your target market and direct them to your websites. Directing traffic is the main point why we do search engine optimization in the first place.

Real-time search engine results have been a major development in the industry today. Recently, Yahoo! announced that its SERPs will be run with “near real-time information.” The search suggestion feature is the tool that does this as it gives users the current trends with regards to their searches. Users can then deem if any of the suggestions fit what they are looking for.

This setup, though, has its share of disadvantages. One of the major setbacks to this is the fact that you can actually lose a significant amount of your traffic because of this real-time suggestion feature. While it is great that users have an easier time in their searches, keywords are still the main weapon of web developers. It’s quite alarming when one is doing great with a set of keywords then having Yahoo!’s suggestion features come in and display other sites. You can either gain a substantial amount of traffic or lose the same all in a moment.

Yahoo! states that the real-time feature will be based on whatever is trending in the search world at that moment in relation to the words/phrases being searched for. They added that real-time news and events are also included in the result pages. With info being updated every second, this can give your traffic a bit of a stumbling block unless you learn how to take advantage of it.

One thing you can do is to diversify. This means taking advantage of not only one money keyword but several of them. There are plenty of tools you can use to be able to pull this trick. You can maintain your top ranking in Yahoo! and in other search engines by being always on the lookout for updates — including ones shown by Yahoo!’s real-time feature.