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Undo Hits Gmail


Google continues to provide its users with features that are not only fun but really helpful as well. The subtlety with which the company releases its updates is the main reason why not so many people know of these. You have to be an alert Google user to be able to spot many of these updates. One of these is the new “Undo” feature in Google Mail.

Imagine yourself composing a personal email to be sent to your significant other using your company’s computer during work hours. Everything was fine until you accidentally sent it to your boss who had the same first name as your loved one. This situation seems to be a one way ticket to the boss’ office but Google lets you undo that!

To enable the Undo feature of your Gmail account, you have to first go to your settings page and find the Google Labs button. Once you find this, you will be presented with the major features that Google is currently experimenting with. Scroll down at the end of the list and look for the “Undo Send” option then click “Enable.” After this, you can save your changes and use the feature automatically.

Before, Google users can only undo their sent messages for five second right after they clicked the send button. The company improved on this and now offers users the option to increase their window of time. By default, ten seconds is given but users now have the choice from 5-30 seconds depending on how long you want it. You can do this by going to the “Settings” tab found in your mail home page and looking for the “Undo Send” section within the General tab.

Needless to say, this “Undo Sent” feature is a very handy tool for those wanting to take back messages that were not supposed to be sent in the first place. This innovative feature may drive more users to Gmail.