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Apture Releases Highlights for Consumers


Another added feature is being released by Apture that aims to help ease and enhance user experience especially for searches. Apture is a start-up online company that develops software that enables online publishers to enhance content through the use of media pop-ups that will feature various related sources with regards to a certain highlighted keywords or phrases.

This new browser extension, called “Apture Highlights”, brings in instantaneous search results for users to see. Apture Highlights aims to put a stop to the “search leak” occurring in the Web today.

The way Apture Highlights works is simple. When a visitor is browsing a website and reading its content, he usually comes across some term, name or place which he would not know much about. Rather than open a new tab and go to a search page, users can now just highlight the words or phrases in question and automatically an Apture Highlight popup window will come out with several resources pertaining to the highlighted term. This way, users won’t be severed from the material they have been reading, putting a stop to the “search leak” occurrence that so vexes online publishers.

The popup window will give users around 60+ sources ranging from YouTube and Wikipedia to social networking sites like Twitter. This new extension is now available for Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers.

This technology is in no way recent as Apture has already offered this to web publishers like the Financial Times and Reuters. This is the first time though that the company will be offering this extension to consumers. This is a great boon to online publishers as they have observed an increase of around 2-3 times in customer visits whenever the Apture Highlights feature is activated.

Developer Apture further affirms this by claiming that publishers have increased their site page views and search volume by funneling traffic to relevant sties for every query. Moreover, the company’s financial standing says it all; Apture has already generated around $4.1M in funds since its inception in 2008.