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Live Streaming for Google Searches


To enhance customer experience, Google tests around 50-200 updates simultaneously. In fact, Google Labs, the company’s testing arm, has more than ten new settings or features being tested for Google Mail alone. One of these is a new Google feature related to search services. “Search as you type,” as many would call it, is a feature that has been around for quite some time now, although only a select few know about it.

“Search as you type” is basically a live streaming of your search engine results pages as you type them. It changes as the words or letters you type changes. This live updating means that users need not press “Enter” in order for them to see the potential pages that will be in their results. In addition, there is no need to continually type new search words/phrases since the results changes as you change your queries. The Google ads that appear are also updated as you change your queries.

The live search feature is not available yet and may not be ever if Google decides to tank it altogether. It is only one of the many that Google usually test launches from time to time. This one seems pretty useful, though, and its fate would be up to how well the public receives this new feature. Only then will we find out if it will be released as a complete tool or not.