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About Chartbeat and its First Round of Venture Funding

chart beat

Chartbeat (Chartbeat.com) is a ground-breaking online real-time analytics service that enables its clients to comprehend the growth behavior in real-time and influence its development.

Established in April 2009, the performance alerts provider is composed of general manager Tony Haile; chief architect Alex Lines; senior software engineers Heewa Barfchin and Allan Beaufour; data scientist Isaac Greenbaum and advisors Billy Chasen, Jay Ridgeway and Kushal Dave.

Some of the companies and sites that make use of the New York-based startup’s service include Gawker Media, Time.com, Threadless, The New York Times, The Onion, Forbes.com, Pitchfork, Mahalo, DailyKos, VentureBeat, and Starbucks.

Since its inception, the company has garnered over 2,500 clients. It is also monitoring over 1.2 million site visitors at any moment. Each of its customers is charged between $10 and $150 per month for accessing the Chartbeat dashboard. If it has that number of clients, multiply it with the payment it gets, and it puts the company somewhere from $25,000 to $375,000 in monthly income — a laudable feat considering it is only a startup company.

Chartbeat vs Google Analytics

Chartbeat is a part of media company Betaworks, which specializes in real-time web and social media. Through the investment business and startup incubator, it has helped Charbeat and other sites like Bit.ly start their operation. Also, Betaworks holds shares in Tumblr, Groupon, Twitter, and several startups within the real-time, structured data and social areas.

What sets Chartbeat apart from similar services like Google Analytics—which gives its publishers details on user behavior months, hours or weeks—is that the former can supply information on what is happening in real-time. What is likewise good about the service is that publishers can reveal these results to their visitors, telling them what is trending in their site.

Series A

Recently, Chartbeat received a Series A or first round of venture funding worth $3 million. Index Ventures and the following contributors mainly led the round:

• Jeff Clavier
• Ron Conway and SV Angel
• Jason Calacanis
• Fritz Lanman
• Alex Zubillaga
• Peter Hershberg
• Josh Stylman
• Lerer Ventures
• Chris Sacca and Lowercase Capital
• O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures
• Founders Collective

According to a statement from the company’s team, they decided to accept the funding from Index Ventures due to their belief that it had the potential to help the real-time analytics service provider in terms of global expansion. “Chartbeat is already kicking ass on major sites from Denmark (Ekstrabladet) to India (Times of India) to South Africa (News24)… and we want to expand on that.