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Google Voice Versus Skype


Google Voice is Google.com’s telecommunications service that was launched last March 11th 2009. It provides free of charge outbound and inbound calls to the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska, and Canada; its international calls, however, are billed based on a schedule posted on the Google Voice site.

Skype is another means of communication that lets users make voice calls online. Like Google Voice, the Skype Limited-operated software application calls to other Skype users are free of charge. Calls to mobile phones and landline telephones are charged by a debit-based user account system. It has also become well-known due to its vast features like video conferencing, instant messaging, and file transfer.

These two have gone head-to-head in terms of its capabilities. Now, it seems that Google Voice has the upper hand, as it recently launched its Gmail integration, wherein people can do voice and video chat through it. Since the release, there have been more than 10 million calls through it.

According to a recent Web Faceoff poll at Mashable.com, Google Voice won by 20 votes, with 42.87% or 1,438 votes going to the service and 42.28% or 1,418 votes going to Skype. The remaining 498 voters (14.85%) said that both web services have equal abilities.

While Google Voice won this round, there are issues that users pointed out about it. For one, they said that it is only limited in the United States, while Skype caters to everyone in the world.

This dispute will likely continue once Google extends the service to the rest of the users outside the US. In the meantime, here are other capabilities, features and offers from Skype and Google Voice:

• The Skype app can be used on a user’s laptop, mobile phone and Internet-ready television as long as the devices can connect to the Net.
• Mobile phone and landline call charges are offered at low rates, about one or two cents per minute.
• It is great for work use, such as multi-person and face-to-face meetings.
• The paid subscription lets users have voicemail in corralling all missed calls.

Google Voice
• It provides users with one permanent phone number, notwithstanding using other home or cell phone services in the future.
• It has call screening, call blocking, conferencing, voicemail transcription, and personalized individual or group greetings.
• Users can also send text messages to email addresses.
• It can also ring all the users’ devices (workline, landline, and cell phone) at the same time.