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Google Music Service Out by Christmas

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In 2009, technology giant Google started creating a music space by launching a music search feature. By Christmastime this year, music buffs will be able to use its newest music downloading service.

In a move that is being seen as a means of stepping up its rivalry with Apple, Google is negotiating with music labels regarding plans for a digital song locker and a download store that will allow users to play songs wherever they may be. Andy Rubin, the big man for Google’s Android mobile operating system, is doing his best to make sure that the application will be running by Christmas. Rubin has been talking about how the Google music service will be — including what it would look like.

The head-to-head clash of Google and Apple is expected to benefit the music industry as it will result to more interesting choices for mobile phones, online movies and TV, software, and a whole range of other consumer technology and media products. Apple has been leading the race in the music category with the help of its iTunes Music Store. In fact, Apple just launched its iTunes 10, which has a new feature that ties it with Ping. Google’s new music downloading service will certainly be a good headstart for the rivalry, especially since feedback on the iTunes 10 has been lukewarm.

Google’s music download service will be connected to its Android mobile operating system. Eventually, the technology giant plans to turn this music application into an online subscription service by 2011 — one that will allow users to do direct streaming to Android mobile units. At present, a good number of Android phones are linked to the MP3 store of Amazon, but this is not the best integration yet. Once Google is able to get to the core of the ideal downloading system—once it includes features such as the cool and hip mobile desktop syncing presented at Google I/O—it will have a music downloading application that’s near perfect.

For now, music buffs will have to wait for December to experience Google’s cloud-based Android music service. Considering the fact that Google’s new music service will allow users to stream music of all types without having to store them inside a memory card, it will be worth all the wait.