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Track Your web Traffic in Real Time With SeeVolution


ebsite owners can efficiently analyze the behavior of their sites’ visitors with SeeVolution. SeeVolution provides website owners with a real-time analytics, a heat map as well as an alert system that overlays data featured on the site, offering web owners the convenience of not having to log in to a different site in order to track down their site’s visitors.

With its unique 3D thermal heat map, SeeVolution offers a new convenient way for users to gain access to a comprehensive report of their website analytics. In order to recognize a site’s particular hot spots (as well as its cold spots), SeeVolution has tools that can monitor mouse clicks and scrolls done on the site. This information helps the site’s owner determine which parts of the site he/she needs to optimize and maintain.

SeeVolution’s heat maps provide webmasters with site overlays that illustrate which areas of the site have the highest and lowest user activities. By breaking down the user’s interaction with certain pages on the site, these tools provide webmasters with a narrative for how a specific visitor’s session takes place.

Apart from that, SeeVolution also informs the webmaster regarding any significant traffic changes and trends. This can be done through active alerts, which can be in the form of email or SMS texts.

SeeVolution’s customizable tool panel serves as a visual guide embedded on a site owner’s webpage. The overlay displays the site’s key metrics in particular. SeeVolution’s overlay tool bar generally consists of two main sections. One section focuses more on the site’s user behavioral data, while the other section focuses on site-based data.

In addition to the customizable tool bar, SeeVolution also has tools that display panels for both page and site performance. This panel shows snapshots of the current page as well as the overall performance of the site.

Finally, the site currently has a nice and simple interface and webmasters are free to sign up.

  • http://www.venturemixx.com/ Tony Ruiz

    Thanks fellas! I use HootSuite and I love it!

    • Anonymous

      Glad to hear! Thanks for your comment.