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A New Way to Eliminate Spam in Search

The button with an emblem of an antispam on the keyboard.

Although most people might obtain faster search results with Google Instant, some still wish for better search results. If you are one of these, you might want to try using Blekko.

This underground startup operates as a private beta search engine. It was designed to produce better results for web users by eradicating several pointless or irrelevant results that may come out in traditional search engines. In order to do so, Blekko employs the help of slashtags. These are sophisticated tags used to fine-tune search queries.

In order to generate filtered results, users add slashtags to their search queries, following this format: search query/slashtag. Adding a slashtag to the search query tells Blekko to come up with results that show only the subset of sites that match the slashtag.

Instead of competing with Google, Blekko tries to differentiate itself by offering various search tools that can’t be found anywhere else online. Blekko is currently in a closed private beta stage while it perfect its unique search algorithm that’s designed to output spam-free search results. The startup has been on it for about three years and so far has managed to raise about $24 million.

Blekko is currently run by a team of 21 search engine experts including its founder Mike Markson. According to him, the startup was created to “take back the weband get rid of the nonsense.”

Blekko is relatively easy to use once you get the hang of using or coming up with slashtags. However, first timers might need to familiarize the basics of Blekko before actually getting successfully clean results.

Michael Markson and Rich Skrenta, the startup’s CEO, created the slashtags, in order to get rid of spam. Although spam still makes its way into search results from time to time, the Blekko team is working to minimize this occurrence.