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Google Real-Time Search Now Has its Own Homepage

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Last December 2009, Google rolled out its real-time online search service. The feature, which is still in place up to this date, is capable of aggregating current blog posts, news articles, and updates from Facebook, MySpace, Jaiku, Twitter, Identi.ca, and FriendFeed. It functions by finding keywords that are trending in recent articles, blogs, and Twitter feeds, gathering the top 10 keywords that were accessible through Google Trends. Recently, Google launched an improved Real-Time Search, bolstering the service with new and unique features. What started as an additional search attribute to the engine, (which is located on the left hand side bar) now has its own service homepage. The upgrade aims to place Google’s position ahead in the social media field. Some of the features included in Real-Time Search are:

  1. Filter searches by location. This geographic refinement enables users to find news and updates using the Custom Location or Nearby option. They can check out feeds from posts related to their queries in specific areas.
  2. Full conversations view. This makes it simple for users to follow Web discussions in real-time. This feature enables users to browse an entire discussion at a single glance, without clicking through several links.
  3. Improved Google Alerts update (www.google.com/alerts). The content updates are simplified for users to stay informed about a selected topic. Users can now assign an alert particularly for the updates to get emails or other short-form services by the time their topic shows up on Twitter. They can also customize the email volume to set alerts and get emails about their topic once each day or week.

Google Real-Time Search, which can be accessed here: www.google.com/realtime, has the potential to further strengthen Google’s grip on the search industry. With the search feature efficiently covering news reports, blog posts as well as Twitter updates, writers will find this spruced-up version of Google’s search services to be a great boon. To know more about Real-Time Search’s features and capabilities, view the demo here: Youtube.com/watch?v=iSRlXUyJjEQ&feature=player_embedded