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Oversights in Search Engine Optimization


The goal of every site owner is to get his website exposed and ranking high up on search engine results pages. However, there are those who fall into the common pitfall of practicing illegal techniques in search engine optimization, which damages their PageRank.

A link analysis algorithm used by Google, the PageRank determines the position of a webpage on the search engines result pages.

Here are just some of the usual mistakes people make in SEO:

•    Poor choice of keywords. It is important to do research for potential keywords prior to working on the content of a site. Pick keywords that are searched most often. However, take care not to use ones that make you site go against heavy competition. Choosing which ones require you to walk a fine line between competition and user search demands. Selecting key phrases can make or break your search engine optimization campaign, so be careful.

•    Inappropriate usage of keywords. Keywords should be placed in the first few lines of your article. Failing to do this will make search engines overlook your article. They will also consider it as unimportant, giving it a lower PageRank.

•    Overuse of keywords. Filling your entire article with too many keywords will degrade its readability, confusing readers with the deluge. Use just enough keywords for your articles and you are sure to get a high PageRank. A technique for making your keywords noticeable is to highlight them.

•    Little focus on your URL and title. Having the right title and URL is important since it is a way of attracting visitors; having keywords in your URL and title is even more beneficial. It is possible to rank high even without keywords in the title and only in the URL, but having them in both is, of course, way better.

•    Not focusing on meta tags. Meta tags are source codes that should contain details and keywords about your page. Use different descriptions—with related keywords—about the pages in your site. However, don’t focus too much on your meta tags, as there are other factors that you need to focus on if you are to get a higher PageRank.

•    Less site content. Sites with too few content generally do not fare well in the rankings, while those with rich content and whose owners practice good search engine optimization strategies garner better PageRanks.

•    Using unrelated and broken links. Placing links on your website without checking their reliability can cause low rankings. It is best to check the sites out for credibility and broken links before putting them up on your site, and make sure that they are relevant to your content.

As a site owner, you need to familiarize yourself with these mistakes and avoid them as much as possible. If you are having trouble with maintaining your site, you can hire reliable SEO experts to do the job for you (choose wisely though). In no time, your articles and your website will start to go up in the rankings.