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Google’s Blogs Search Filter

Blog word.

Google has recently paid more attention to blog searches and developed a new search option to do just that. The new blog search filter lets users search not only for individual blogs, but also for entire blogs that are related to the terms keyed in. This features is a part of Google Search, however not part of the search engine’s BlogSearch site. Rather, it is found on the left side menu of Google SERPs as well as on the “more” options next to the “Gmail” option on the Google main page.

When a user clicks on the Blogs option after inputting the query, it automatically defaults to displaying individual posts. A user has the choice to either view homepages or single posts related to the query. By rolling this filter out, Google has made searching for relevant blogs easier and link building opportunities more extensive; users can now search for blogs associated with various topics without the hassle. They can even develop relationship with bloggers and collect links from them in no time.

Tedster, one of the most famous WebMasterWorld.com posters, even stated in a forum thread that the search filter “is pretty handy.” “I've already found a few sources I didn't know existed in various verticals I watch,” said the veritable SEO titan.