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How to Make Simple and Effective News Videos for Google News


The increasing popularity of videos has been on the rise. In fact, Google has developed a platform for Google News that enables it to incorporate videos, allowing a faster indexing rate of this medium. This allows the company to roll out multimedia-based content results as fast as the usual text-based ones. Utilized wisely, this feature provides a large impact for broadcasters while presenting more opportunities for business owners and site publishers as well.

That said, making video news in the similar way traditional press releases are made is a great chance to attain quickly a new and wider audience. To fully utilize this SEO avenue, consider the following means in producing a good video release.

Develop up-to-date news. It is important that the stories you feature are those that are the most recent ones, as news turn old fast. Almost every second, there are stories being published and reviewed online. With that, making a video of the story on the same day it was disclosed is important, uploading them within a few hours following the release if doable. Videos posted after one day, except if it is a huge story that can run for days or weeks, is not worth posting at all.

Be brief, but thorough. The laws of SEO still apply here: you should choose a title that directly correlates with your content. The content should be detailed and straight to the point. When you have a simple video, the search engine can index your video without difficulty. Make sure that you make only one video per story to make classification easier for the search engine spiders.

Categorize properly. It is easy for the search engine to identify your videos when you categorize them correctly. If your story is supplying general news coverage, upload it under the News and Politics category on YouTube, for instance. If you run multiple channels, its best to specifically identify each category, like sports, business, politics, entertainment, etc.

Descriptions must be detailed. Apply the five W rule: include details on Who, Where, What, Why, and When. Providing basic information will make it easier for Google’s spiders to recognize which ones to include or ignore. Using tags is also essential here.

Make your videos embeddable. If you want your videos to be found on Google News, you need make them embeddable. This is actually a technical prerequisite on the search engine and a good reason to take time to post the videos on your site. Embedding the videos in your site is an advantage, especially from a search engine optimization perspective. Videos that are blocked in other regions, are ineligible for Google News inclusion.