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Bing Implements Rewards Program


In September this year, Bing announced its decision to release its third effort to offer a loyalty program. Bing Rewards is the latest airline and credit card style service offered by the search engine. Here, users can gain credits to charities, gift cards and products.

However beneficial its features are, there are some who are skeptical about its accessibility as there are several requirements that one has to comply with. To avail of the program, one needs to do the following:

•    Register a Windows Live ID
•    Install the search engine’s toolbar
•    Run on Windows PC
•    Use Internet Explorer Web browser
•    Reside within the United States

Based on the abovementioned prerequisites, Bing’s loyalty program is practically useless for Mac, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox users.

The ones eager to avail of Bing Rewards need to earn credits. They get 250 when they sign up and one credit for every five conducted queries on the search engine. The maximum to gain each day is eight credits. They can also gain credits for setting Bing browser search on default and checking out new search engine features.

The process of earning credits likewise has its advantages. Since users only get to have a maximum of eight credits per day, they might find it difficult to qualify for relevant features that have huge credit value.

The rewards, which are not transferable and can only be redeemed from a network of active participating partners, are expected to be limited compared to its previous failed loyalty program, Bing Cashback. Cashback did not require particular operating systems and Web browsers.

Aside from Cashback, Bing also had an unsuccessful loyalty program endeavor called SearchPerks, a marketing site that allowed users to redeem tickets for prizes when using Bing.