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All New Advertising Solutions: Ad Portal by Yahoo!


After spending months generating and studying ideas, user testing and gathering focus group insight, Yahoo’s B2B Group finally announced the roll out of its latest Ad Portal known as Yahoo! Advertising Solutions. It is a portal that aims to sell the search engine’s marketing capabilities to medium-to-large agencies and advertisers. It provides videos, articles and demos to show off how Yahoo advertising does business.

The new portal is meant to be a step towards showcasing and communicating the search engine’s advertising assistances for a more solid vehicle. This helps the company deliver the group’s marketing targets and its goal of re-developing the firm as a thought pioneer in the business.

It is likewise meant for promoting a “water-cooler” setting for producers, marketers, ad creatives, publishers and other marketing executives to be taught and encouraged through relevant content. Alongside Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, an esteemed advertising agency, the search engine’s UED, engineering and B2B teams gave their all to make a content-filled experience in a contemporary visual design.

The portal’s content is composed of two main engagement elements: education and inspiration. With these elements, along with the articles, demos, videos and other valuable information given, it is no wonder that Yahoo core audiences will greatly benefit from this innovation.

Aside from supplying up-to-date content to audiences, services, products and properties, Yahoo.com also launched the Futurist Series, a video series about online advertising. It has an introductory video by blogger and advertising mogul Seth Godin, who authored the New York Bestseller America’s Best Marketer, as well as an Expert Q&A video series featuring some of the well known people in the business, Lesley Kao and Chris Barr.

Truly, Yahoo! Advertising Solutions focuses its goals on both large and small businesses; it caters to high profile companies and agencies with high revenue, while also offering similar opportunities to small companies on a tight ad budget.

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