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Google ACE Goes International


AdWords Campaign Experiments is a tool launched by Google for accurately screening and calculating the changes to users’ AdWords accounts (placements, ad groups, keywords and bids). It enables users to make faster and more precise tests through the execution of their experiment campaign, together with their original campaign. By carrying out this type of real-time split test, Google can notify users whether the changes in their Content and Search campaign results to statistically relevant results.

After passing its US testing, Google decided to make its AdWords Campaign Experiments, or ACE, go international. Now functioning on a global scale, ACE aims to lessen the potential risk and guesswork that usually result from making alterations to their campaign. By way of its systematic split-testing method, users are provided with valid figures despite the shifts in competitor movements, demand or other marketing and sales activity that may cause problems to the conventional before-and-after measurement methods.

Google ACE would likewise be helpful in these circumstances:

•    A user deciding to pause or add a group of key phrases, however uncertain of the effects of the overall campaign conversions, costs and clicks.

•    A user eager to test a landing page design, which is developed for a couple of high quality key phrases, against his current landing page.

•    A colleague recommending a user to improve the campaign performance of his Display Network through keyword adjustment and placement-specific bid counting. The user may, however, express concern about getting no improvement and minimal conversions in cost per conversion.

Google advertisers can access AdWords Campaign Experiments by going to Google AdWords and then to the Campaign tab, under the Settings menu.

Although it has been running smoothly and successfully since its launch, ACE is still operating as a Beta version. You can sign up and request access for the version by filling out the form provided here: https://services.google.com/fb/forms/acesignup/.