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Google: Condensed URLs – Goo.gl


Google has finally launched its very own URL shortener via a new website, goo.gl. The Internet company started testing this product in December last year. At that time, you could use the shortener using only the Google Toolbar, and the shortened links were used in Twitter and other social networks.

In a world filled with mobile devices and 140-character communication, URL shorteners are a boon to even the casual Internet surfer. On the other hand, goog.gl isn’t really new technology because we already have had bit.ly and TinyURL.com. So what makes goo.gl any different? Well, actually, Google threw in many features that set its URL shortener apart from competitors.

Analytics and History Features

Goo.gl is more like a URL shortener and Google Analytics in one location. This is perhaps its best feature. After grabbing the URL, sign in to your Google account. Once you enter the URL to be shortened, goo.gl will give Analytics information like the number of clicks in the past and traffic details of the URL you just shortened.

On another note, Google stated in a blog post that they’re not going to overwhelm goog.gl with so many features. However, they do want the website to be the fastest and most stable URL shortener.

Backed Up by a Major Company

Another advantage goo.gl has over its competitors is the fact that it’s developed by a huge Internet company. Third-party shorteners, such as TinyURL and bit.ly, are operated by smaller companies.

Goo.gl emphasizes quality over features. So why not try the website now to experience it yourself?