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Google: Instant Previews to Enhance Search Results


Google is constantly trying to improve the Internet experience of its users. First there was Google Instant, which immediately gives you search results as you type in the search box. Now, there’s Instant Previews, a new feature that provides a popup preview of the search results as you place the mouse cursor over them.

When these snippets first appeared, many were wondering if it’s a browser app or something like it. On the other hand, many who don’t have additional browser software also started to see the instant snapshots.

Instant Previews is a new type of visual search result. It offers a graphic overview of your search results, and the best part is that the preview includes a highlighted part that can be applicable and relevant to your search.

The quick screenshots come in handy when you’re looking for specific pictures, charts or graphs. What’s more is that you can get rid of situations where you click on a link only to be redirected to an irrelevant website and have to go back to the results page again.

To use Instant Previews, click on the magnifying glass icon found next to a search result’s title. Once the visual preview appears, move the cursor to other search results to see their instant snippets.

The new preview feature lets users quickly compare search results. While this can enhance the Internet experience, it may negatively affect advertisers. This is because the quick preview suddenly makes website design very important. If a user can view a site’s design before clicking it, then new parameters rise when it comes to generating clicks.

Furthermore, Instant Previews isn’t that well-received by some users. There’s the issue of the preview feature being another complicated layer on Google’s previously simple interface.

Instant Previews has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s definitely another factor to consider when playing the SEO game.