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Boost Ads through Google Places


Small businesses have been given a boost in SERPs as Google recently launched a promising ad program for local search. Google Boost is a location-based ad service that allows you to build a local search advertisement that will appear on the sponsored links section of the search results page.

In Google Maps, the new advertising service will also give your business a blue arrow instead of the generic red arrow to set your establishment apart from others.

As of now, the program is in beta only in Chicago, Houston, and San Francisco, but will roll out to other cities eventually.

The ads can include different information, such as business name, offered products or services, phone number, and address. The ad can also contain star ratings and number of reviews.

Boost ads can be created through your Google Places account. The initial setup is easy. Just enter a brief company description and set a budget, and then Google will take care of the rest—the system will automatically set up the ad campaign by finding relevant keywords that will help your ad show up on Google.com and Google Maps. The system will also help you maximize the budget you set.

A great thing about the new advertisement program is that you will pay only when a potential buyer clicks on your advertisement. Plus, since you can set a budget, you don’t have to pay more than what you initially planned.

Google Boost is another one of Google’s online marketing tools, but it shouldn’t be considered a replacement for Google AdWords. Nonetheless, Boost will be very beneficial to small businesses and other companies that use little PPC advertising.