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Engaging Mobile Shoppers

mobile shopping

Advancements in technology have enabled people to shop from the comfort of their homes. Thanks to the popularity of the iPhone, Android, and other smartphones, people can now shop even while bored at work, on the train or commuting home. Mobile phone shopping is rising in popularity. If you want to explore this opportunity to sell, there are several ways to get the attention of potential mobile shopping buyers. Here are a few tips.

Ensure a Fully Functional, Working Website

There’s nothing worse than finally getting a buyer hooked, and then kicking them out just when they were about to buy simply due to a website glitch. Make sure that your website can be readily accessed from a mobile phone. This will also help you have customers that will keep on coming back.

Rank Well in Local Mobile Search

When people shop from their phone, it may already be obvious that they’re out and nowhere near the computer at home. Hence, if they can’t find your website on their mobile phones, chances are they’ll move on and choose your competitors instead.

Encourage Them to Join Your Mailing List

This one is quite easy. All you have to do is ask your buyers and website visitors their email address. Then, send them a list of top items or an online catalog every week. When such updates show up in their phones, there’s a good chance that they’ll check out your products whenever they can.


Social media marketing can be an effective marketing tool. By having so many online friends and “likes,” you can spread information about your products, services, special offers or discounts to a larger community. A good thing about using social networking platforms is that the ads people receive are recommended by someone they’re connected with. Since most trust their friends better more than they trust ads, don’t hesitate to use social media channels.

By combining all these methods—emailing, networking and performing well in search engines—you can make the most of shopping via cell phone. So give these marketing strategies a try before your competitors beat you to it.

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