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Google TV Debuts

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What do you get when you combine television viewing with Internet? Google TV.

The latest in television technology, Google TV is co-developed by Logitech, Sony, Intel, and Google. It lets you watch TV programs on the Internet via a Blu Ray player or HDTV.

Launched last October 17th, Google TV caused a lot of buzz when its developers first announced the smart TV in May 2010. Now that it’s finally here, people can’t wait to check out this new advancement in entertainment technology.

Google TV is considered a preview of what televisions in the future would be like. It puts different entertainment sources into one platform. Online television, cable, YouTube, and Netflix are integrated into a single HD television. Can you ask for anything more?

On the other hand, there is one more feature many of us would surely love, and that’s cost-effectiveness? We already have huge TVs taking up an entire wall in our living room. Adding software to your existing TV would probably cost less than buying a brand new device. Plus, if you consider the fact that you can buy a 24-inch for $600 and a 46-inch for $1400 from the same brand (Sony), Google TV is really a pricey addition to your home entertainment system.

These facts tell us that the devices we use for entertainment are already costly. Yet, we continue to purchase such luxuries. Thus, there’s still no denying the marketing opportunities and potentials of Google TV.

This kind of technology is still in its infancy, so it’s quite hard to figure out whether Google TV will be a success or a failure. Once the initials issues are straightened out, this piece of technology should be interesting enough to attract a significant market base.