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Yahoo Local Search Suggestions


Just this September, Yahoo released a new search suggestion assistance feature that allows logged in users to get location oriented suggestions. This takes user location into consideration when recommending search queries, which in turn makes searching efforts easier, faster and more relevant with just a few keystrokes.

This is not particularly new, though, as other search engines have been using this service in their search suggestion feature for quite some time now. Google, for one, has already received relatively good feedback for its physical location component.

Despite the new enhancement in Yahoo search, the question remains as to what would become of website owners who rely on search engines to get web traffic for better SEO. There are actually two things that they need to know; what signals users are receiving prior to completing their search query, and what challenges they would need to face and overcome. These local search recommendations have the potential to make or break their search traffic from the search engine. Thus, it is important to keep up with any changes in the Internet space when dealing with SEO.
In the PPC (pay per click) management aspect of search engine optimization, reports say that it can return good results. The Yahoo search functionality for keyword coverage and research actually has the capacity to determine coverage on particular keyword types.

On the part of the site owners, it is essential to have visibility on such keywords if a user goes through a chosen key term, despite selecting it unintentionally. They can do research on their ranking key phrases and find out if users are being advised with local options. Otherwise, they can wait and see what the impact of the suggestions will be, or whether there is a drop in the non-local key phrases or an increase in the locally suggested ones.