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Qualify Your SEO Budget!

Writing a Check

While spending a lot for your online business to get superior visibility in the search engine results page might seem unnecessary, there is actually a huge benefit to it. Business is, after all, about taking risks, and that is what you need to do to earn profit.

Running search engine optimization on your business may not be enough, as there are three particular strategies you need to integrate for it to become a surefire success.

Here are three tips you need to ponder on:

Monitor your total SEO impact. Check both your “macro” (lead capture and sales) and “micro” conversions (number of page views, clicks on a site’s area and asset/document downloads). Not only does your site need to drive sales, but it also needs to drive business value.

Project your SEO-driven content’s value. Provide what your visitors need – those things that you do not have and already have but are called by a different name. That way, you fill in the gaps and satisfy their needs, thus creating incremental “value” from the conversions.

Become the conventional media buzz’s “harvester” when it comes to searches. Make use of your web analytic skills to assess the influence of conventional media vehicles when they hit the market. Find out what users find useful on your website – the services or products they are into – and what search engines operate the mainstream television or print placement lift in traffic. When you have a solid brand recognition, chances are they will go to your website or key your brand name to a search engine.

If you simply run search engine optimization for maintenance purposes, this maybe the right time to examine the total value of the business you have. Once you use search engine optimization along with all the analytics and media that you utilize, you will get what your budget asked for. Only after you have done this will you be able to justify the significant amount of investment that you put into SEO.

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    Right, SEO together with web analytics and social media are the must for successful online businesses. 

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    Keywords should be relevant to and strategically positioned. Starting out with a rough draft is the best way to get an overall idea of what you want to promote. Precise placement of keyword phrases and other technical aspects of the content can be done on the second draft. The content should be interesting and have some kind of “hook” to attract the audience that you want to target. The more fresh and well written the content, the more people will return to your website to enrich and/or enjoy themselves. Therefore, the content should not be fluff, but meaningful information that will guide and infuse readers with valuable insights.