Google: Instant Previews to Enhance Search Results


Google is constantly trying to improve the Internet experience of its users. First there was Google Instant, which immediately gives you search results as you type in the search box. Now, there’s Instant Previews, a new feature that provides a popup preview of the search results as you place the … Read the Rest

Google: Condensed URLs –


Google has finally launched its very own URL shortener via a new website, The Internet company started testing this product in December last year. At that time, you could use the shortener using only the Google Toolbar, and the shortened links were used in Twitter and other social networks. … Read the Rest

NELL – The Self Taught Computer

smart computer

Somewhere in a cellar in the United States, a computer is learning how to write, talk, comprehend, and even insult presidents all by itself. More importantly, this computer can tweet. NELL, which stands for Never-Ending Language Learning system, is a computer developed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University that’s being … Read the Rest

Google ACE Goes International


AdWords Campaign Experiments is a tool launched by Google for accurately screening and calculating the changes to users’ AdWords accounts (placements, ad groups, keywords and bids). It enables users to make faster and more precise tests through the execution of their experiment campaign, together with their original campaign. By carrying … Read the Rest

All New Advertising Solutions: Ad Portal by Yahoo!


After spending months generating and studying ideas, user testing and gathering focus group insight, Yahoo’s B2B Group finally announced the roll out of its latest Ad Portal known as Yahoo! Advertising Solutions. It is a portal that aims to sell the search engine’s marketing capabilities to medium-to-large agencies and advertisers. … Read the Rest

Bing Implements Rewards Program


In September this year, Bing announced its decision to release its third effort to offer a loyalty program. Bing Rewards is the latest airline and credit card style service offered by the search engine. Here, users can gain credits to charities, gift cards and products. However beneficial its features are, … Read the Rest

How to Make Simple and Effective News Videos for Google News


The increasing popularity of videos has been on the rise. In fact, Google has developed a platform for Google News that enables it to incorporate videos, allowing a faster indexing rate of this medium. This allows the company to roll out multimedia-based content results as fast as the usual text-based … Read the Rest

Google’s Blogs Search Filter

Blog word.

Google has recently paid more attention to blog searches and developed a new search option to do just that. The new blog search filter lets users search not only for individual blogs, but also for entire blogs that are related to the terms keyed in. This features is a part … Read the Rest

Ten SEO Myths and Facts

SEO myths 2

Organic search engine optimization is the process of ranking your website high in the search engine (Bing, AOL, Yahoo and Google) results page, particularly in the first to tenth positions. Through such rankings, your site will become more visible to potential buyers. SEO can be a complex task that involves … Read the Rest

Promoted Accounts is Twitter’s Latest Feature


Twitter, the social networking website known to its users for its innovative microblogging service, has publicly announced the launching of its latest feature addition in the form of Promoted Accounts.   The Promoted accounts launching is expected to cater to businesses that are willing to pay the microblogging company so they … Read the Rest