Oversights in Search Engine Optimization


The goal of every site owner is to get his website exposed and ranking high up on search engine results pages. However, there are those who fall into the common pitfall of practicing illegal techniques in search engine optimization, which damages their PageRank. A link analysis algorithm used by Google, … Read the Rest

Bing and its Recent Accomplishments

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Bing and Yahoo are two of the best search engine sites in the world, apart from Google, Ask, and AOL (American Online). Formerly known as Live Search, MSN Search, and Windows Live Search, Bing is marketed as a “decision engine” that is powered by Microsoft. Yahoo, on the other hand, … Read the Rest

Google Instant and its Influence on SEO and PPC

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Last month, world-renowned search engine Google.com released a new feature to its search engine results page or SERP called Google Instant. After hearing about it, people became concerned about the effects it could cause SEO and PPC advertising. They began to question the significance of these Internet marketing strategies now … Read the Rest

Bing and Yahoo Advise Users to Transfer PPC Accounts to AdCenter

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Last August 31st, due to the partnership forged by popular search engines Bing and Yahoo, the group announced that people should start moving their Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click accounts into Microsoft’s Advertising adCenter. Bing and Yahoo are now using AdCenter as their search-advertising platform. The Microsoft service will … Read the Rest

Google Real-Time Search Now Has its Own Homepage

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Last December 2009, Google rolled out its real-time online search service. The feature, which is still in place up to this date, is capable of aggregating current blog posts, news articles, and updates from Facebook, MySpace, Jaiku, Twitter, Identi.ca, and FriendFeed. It functions by finding keywords that are trending in … Read the Rest

A New Way to Eliminate Spam in Search

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Although most people might obtain faster search results with Google Instant, some still wish for better search results. If you are one of these, you might want to try using Blekko. This underground startup operates as a private beta search engine. It was designed to produce better results for web … Read the Rest

Track Your web Traffic in Real Time With SeeVolution


ebsite owners can efficiently analyze the behavior of their sites’ visitors with SeeVolution. SeeVolution provides website owners with a real-time analytics, a heat map as well as an alert system that overlays data featured on the site, offering web owners the convenience of not having to log in to a … Read the Rest

Google Music Service Out by Christmas

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In 2009, technology giant Google started creating a music space by launching a music search feature. By Christmastime this year, music buffs will be able to use its newest music downloading service. In a move that is being seen as a means of stepping up its rivalry with Apple, Google … Read the Rest

Facebook Places: What Users Should Know About its Default Privacy Settings

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Facebook Places, the geo-location service that was discussed in a previous article, uses maps to find places and people, and can also be accessed through mobile devices through iPhone apps. This article deals with the privacy pitfall this service poses to its users. Facebook is known for having some privacy … Read the Rest

Famous Social Network Displays Top “Liked” Searches


Social media giant Facebook has recently upgraded its searches feature so that it can display results for web and Facebook content based on the number of shares and “Likes.” It basically works like this: when a user keys in a query to the site’s search field, the results will include … Read the Rest