Google Voice Versus Skype


Google Voice is’s telecommunications service that was launched last March 11th 2009. It provides free of charge outbound and inbound calls to the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska, and Canada; its international calls, however, are billed based on a schedule posted on the Google Voice site. Skype is … Read the Rest

Changing Your Domain Name: Purposes, Possible Risks, and Advantages


A domain name is an ID label that defines a field of administrative authority or control on the Net, according to the Domain Name System or DNS. It is used to supply easily identifiable names to address Web resources numerically. While some might still question the importance of having a … Read the Rest

About Chartbeat and its First Round of Venture Funding

chart beat

Chartbeat ( is a ground-breaking online real-time analytics service that enables its clients to comprehend the growth behavior in real-time and influence its development. Established in April 2009, the performance alerts provider is composed of general manager Tony Haile; chief architect Alex Lines; senior software engineers Heewa Barfchin and Allan … Read the Rest

Twitter Adds Adam Bain of News Corp to its Fold


Twitter continues to fortify its fronts as it hires new executives to help the company in this crucial phase of their operations. Just recently, the company has added Adam Bain, formerly of News Corp, to be one of its new presidents. Twitter confirmed this report and further added that Bain … Read the Rest

Google and AOL Extend Partnership to Five Years

google aol

Formed in 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Stanford University Ph.D. graduates, is currently one of the best web property in all major worldwide markets. Its aimed advertising initiative supplies various businesses with measureable outcomes, while developing the whole web experience for its users. Based in Silicon Valley, … Read the Rest

Live Streaming for Google Searches


To enhance customer experience, Google tests around 50-200 updates simultaneously. In fact, Google Labs, the company’s testing arm, has more than ten new settings or features being tested for Google Mail alone. One of these is a new Google feature related to search services. “Search as you type,” as many … Read the Rest

Groupon Expands Internationally, Unconventionally


You know an idea works when many people are supporting it and some people are copying your business model. This is exactly what happened to Groupon, a “deal-of-the-day” marketing website. Groupon is a relatively new company but it has already been localized in several states around the United States and … Read the Rest

Apture Releases Highlights for Consumers


Another added feature is being released by Apture that aims to help ease and enhance user experience especially for searches. Apture is a start-up online company that develops software that enables online publishers to enhance content through the use of media pop-ups that will feature various related sources with regards … Read the Rest

Undo Hits Gmail


Google continues to provide its users with features that are not only fun but really helpful as well. The subtlety with which the company releases its updates is the main reason why not so many people know of these. You have to be an alert Google user to be able … Read the Rest

Yahoo!’s new Real-Time Search Feature

yahoo 2

As a web developer, it is your job primarily to identify your target market and direct them to your websites. Directing traffic is the main point why we do search engine optimization in the first place. Real-time search engine results have been a major development in the industry today. Recently, … Read the Rest