Google AdWords Reveals New Settings


Google has tweaked some of its popular services, most notably their Google Maps and AdWords. For the AdWords Campaign service, here are some of the changes the company has applied over the past few weeks: – Targeting Networks for your Ads This setting enables users to target their ads specifically … Read the Rest

Facebook Launches Places

Facebook places

Facebook has been leading the social networking market because of the bevy of feature updates it has been rolling out. Just yesterday, Facebook has continued the trend by introducing a new feature that hopes to make the website more helpful and fun for their users. The company had just introduced … Read the Rest

Spending for Ads on the Net Increases to $1.7 Billion


Social networking has been one of the primary mediums for advertisers today. Many companies spend the majority of their funds for marketing campaigns directed towards customers using their social networking accounts. Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter are just some of the major players where advertisers pour their money into. This year, … Read the Rest

IBM Purchases Unica for $480M


IBM, one of the world’s largest tech companies, has announced the acquisition of Unica Corporation in a deal worth approximately $480 million. IBM’s acquisition of the marketing automation software maker is valued to be about $21 per share. This move will add to the string of purchases that the tech … Read the Rest

Twitter Adds New Features Again

twitter bird

Twitter, the popular social networking web site, just keeps on adding more features that help its users have a more interactive tweeting experience. Just recently, Twitter announced the addition of the “Followed by” and “You Both Follow” features in its homepages. The addition of these new features makes it easier … Read the Rest

G5 Secures $15M Investment From Volition


To further strengthen its operations, G5, a local marketing software developer, recently announced its successful first round of funding worth $15 million. The funds will be directed to the company’s software development and marketing functions to further improve its services, which target customers in senior living, multifamily housing, and self … Read the Rest

LinkedIn Bulks up with New Acquisition


LinkedIn has just made its first ever acquisition since passing the $2 billion valuation mark a few weeks ago. The social media company has just acquired mSpoke, a buying recommendation service, for an undisclosed amount of money. Barely two weeks has passed since LinkedIn made headlines as another company, Tiger … Read the Rest

Google Phasing Out Wave

Tahiti Wave

Google just announced that it is phasing out its Google Wave service barely a year after it was released. Google Wave, a product that was hailed by analysts as the “evolution of email”, is an innovative browsing and communication tool that the company released last year with much hype. Maybe … Read the Rest

Maryland – Latest to Install Google Apps in Educational System

slate and chalk

Google has provided yet another service related to education. The search company has partnered with the Maryland Education Enterprise Consortium (MEEC) to make Google Apps for Education available to 1.4 million students in the state. The deal with MEEC could put the Google Apps suite into each of the private … Read the Rest

Yahoo! Spices up its Main Page by Making More Search Add-Ons


Yahoo! recently announced its latest stream of advancements to the result pages for celebrity and media-associated searches. Its search results for movies, TV shows, and famous people now have featured videos, images as well as links to sites related to them. Actually, all major search engine sites have been trying … Read the Rest