The Transformation of the Blog

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Whatever other people may be saying, blogging is a big part of our lives today. We owe this to the huge advancement in Internet technology that we have experienced over the past decade. The Internet landscape today is full of websites that are basically blogs. Whatever their niche—political, entertainment, technology, … Read the Rest

Google Introduces new History Feature


Google has been one of the most successful companies in the past few years. Its success can be attributed to the sudden boom of Internet usage and the Web’s increasing influence in our everyday lives. The search engine company has practically covered all the bases with regards to the online … Read the Rest

Google Enables Multiple Sign-in


Emailing has been one of the top activities people do when they log into the Internet. The Internet was born mainly because of people’s need to communicate with each other. Electronic mails are the best tools for such and have since been one of the primary tools that people use … Read the Rest

Nielsen Stats Reveal Rising Social Networking Trend


Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Flickr are just some of the most popular sites that most of us log into everyday. More and more people nowadays set up multiple accounts in these different social networking sites for various reasons. Most people set up accounts in order to connect with friends or … Read the Rest

Pulse Upgrades, Adds My Pulse Feature


With more and more people purchasing their very own iPads, there have been plenty of web developers who have used this gadget’s popularity to release their own products to their target consumers. Pulse is one of the new mobile apps released specifically for iPad users. Pulse is a mobile news … Read the Rest

Google Alarm Launches


We all know Google is the biggest and may be the most powerful search engine company in the world today. The influence that Google has in terms of the way we surf the web is enormous. Add to that the fact that web developers and companies themselves design and setup … Read the Rest

LinkedIn Valued at More Than $2 Billion


With industry markets in a constant mercurial state and with the recession having just ended, investors are just now picking themselves up with regards to investing and bolstering the ailing global economy. What with the world economy still in the first steps towards recovery, there is still, however, a palpable … Read the Rest

Twitter Continues to Innovate


Social networking has permeated almost every aspect of today’s world. Too many people are logging into their individual accounts to connect to the rest of the world. Twitter has been one of the prime movers of the social media movement. Along with Facebook, Twitter has millions of users who use … Read the Rest

Microsoft’s Robust Financial Performance

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Just when many companies have been struggling especially over the past year with the recession and a shaky global economy, Microsoft rolled out its 4th quarter report and put out figures that exceed many people’s expectations. The Redmond, Washington-based company has broken quarterly and yearly revenue records according to its … Read the Rest

Loopt Beefs up its Rewards Programs


Loopt, a location-based social network service, just introduced new promos for their users to enjoy. The company is just one of the many emerging location-based services in the World Wide Web today. Although these have yet to really get a firm hold among Internet users, companies like Loopt have been … Read the Rest